Talleyrand present the Colour Of Sound with Aziz Ibrahim

The Talleyrand Aziz Ibrahim 1964

Aziz Ibrahim

29 Mar 2020 Manchester, Greater Manchester (UK)


Time : 7.30 pm
Venue : The Talleyrand
Address : 1030 Stockport Road, Levenshulme
State : Greater Manchester
Zip : M19 3WX
Phone : 0161 971 4743
Contact Email : talleyrandmcr@gmail.com
Contact Website : https://www.facebook.com/TalleyrandMCR/

The Talleyrand proudly presents a film carefully selected by Aziz Ibrahim followed by a live performance for The Colour Of Sound

the event is that combining film with a unique live musical performance will allow the audience to stay in a certain vibe all night, using music to remain in a headspace created by the  film after it’s ended. Plus it’s always cool to get an inside look of what musicians are into + putting together 2 things that you’d never normally see in one evening

Talleyrand has been funded by Arts Council England to deliver a series of four performances as well as improve our live music infrastructure. Here’s a little more info on the project as well as Talleyrand

Project Name: Black and White Presents: A series of Immersion events combining Performance and Visuals with a cinema film screening. 
About the Programme:
Talleyrand will be delivering a series of four ambitious events combining live music with visuals, working with key and diverse musicians in the industry today. This programme of four event will combine film and visuals with a unique live musical exposition, in an attempt to use music to remain in the altered headspace evoked by a film after the screening has ended. Each performance will be by leading and diverse professional musicians working in the field of Jazz, Folk, Avande Garde and World Music. They will be programmed both for their unique talent working within a particularly underrepresented musical genre but also because they are critically acclaimed within that genre. Each event will begin or end with a film screening but will be underpinned by a musical performance that includes eye catching visuals; all three elements will keep the audience in the altered state of consciousness immersing them further into the musical genre and cinematic mood of each event.

About Talleyrand

The Talleyrand is an events venue and bar in South Manchester. We’ve been open for almost a year, during which time we’ve held many successful events from theatre shows and art exhibitions to screenings and gigs. We’re always transforming our ‘velvet room’ (our 90-capacity multifunctional events space) and taking programming risks, aiming to attract audiences to Levenshulme and away from the city centre. Past events have been ambitious, like our immersive theatre show ‘The Cocktail Hour’ by Neil Bell (Peterloo, Dead Man’s Shoes,) for which we transformed our events space into a restaurant and served the audience dinner whilst the performance unfolded around them. The show received great reviews and sold out its entire run.

Many of the live music events we’ve held hold have employed a strong visual element, in a bid to further immerse the audience within the performance. Manchester bands like Handle, PING and The Whistleblowers have done so in a variety of novel ways, as well as international artists such as Kaputt, Dame Area (Give Me Space), and Dimitri.

One of our regular events, ‘Tally-Ho’, has become a successful scratch performance night allowing city-wide poets, musicians and writers to perform new work whilst giving them an opportunity to network with other performers. We have also partnered with local festivals such as the Levy Fringe Festival and Levenshulme Pride to deliver their programmes. ‘We ‘Were Strangers’, for example, saw the authors of the eponymous, highly acclaimed short story anthology come together to read and discuss their stories and how they were inspired by Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. Our has been marked by omnivorousness, and a flair for combining different arts ‘worlds’.



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